“Aviator” is one of the new slot machines at 1WIN online casino, which has become very popular in a short time due to its interesting style of play. Compared to other slot machines, the gameplay here is unusual, but at the same time very exciting. Thanks to the use of a random number generator (RNG), nobody and nothing can affect the results.

The game appeared in early 2019 and immediately attracted the attention of 1WIN online casino players. Its growing popularity is easily explained by the simplicity of the gameplay and good chances of winning. In addition, to date, this is the only machine that allows you to increase the bet a million times. But whether the player will be able to win and how much – depends on the courage and speed of his actions.

Play Aviator for real money at 1WIN Casino

If you compare with other slot machines, “Aviator” is not similar to any of them neither in design nor in gameplay. In this game, you do not need to spin the reels, build combinations, activate bonuses, etc. All you have to do here is to place a bet before the round, watch the plane take off and go up in a curve. And while the plane is flying, that is, the round continues, the player must be able to pick up the winnings before the flight is interrupted.

The longer the plane is in the air, the greater the multiplier becomes. At the very initial moment when the plane starts, 1.0 appears in the centre of the screen – the minimum value of the multiplier, which is rapidly increasing right before your eyes. The maximum value, to which it will grow, is formed with the help of HSC before the start of the round. And while the multiplier increases, the player needs to choose the moment and stop the round by pressing “Stop”. If the player did not have time to do this and the game stopped itself, then he lost.

In case of winning, its amount is calculated taking into account the coefficient at which the round was interrupted. At first glance it may seem very difficult to win, but in fact there is a huge chance to increase your bet. You just need to react in time and the winnings are in your hands.

How to play?

There’s nothing complicated about Aviator. The gameplay – there is no simpler. Therefore, the essence of the game can be understood even by the user who has no experience of visiting online casinos.

All you need from a participant in the game:

  • Place a bet or two;
  • Wait for the round to start;
  • Abort the round when he/she deems it appropriate;
  • Take your winnings.

Naturally, luck will not be superfluous, as the round may be interrupted with a low multiplier, or it may continue for a longer time, allowing the multiplier to grow significantly.  


The terms of this game provide the possibility to make 2 bets in parallel. This feature gives certain advantages, allowing you to reduce losses at low multipliers of the round.

As for the multiplier (coefficient), it is the whole appeal of the game – it can vary in a wide range: from one to a million. Consequently, each player has the opportunity to multiply his deposit in 1 million times. And the percentage of return reaches 97%. No other machine, not counting games with progressive jackpot, does not provide such a size of prize money and such a high probability of winning.

Game strategy and tactics

The Aviator Spribe machine from the first days of its appearance in 1WIN casino has immediately created a buzz among its visitors. The first thing that attracted the attention of players is the opportunity to increase the amount of the bet in 1 million times. Of course, everyone wants to break a solid score, so many people not only hope for luck, but also begin to develop their own strategies. The thing is that the game “Aviator” is not even approximately similar to the usual slots. The differences start from the design to the gameplay. Therefore, none of the strategic plans developed for other games, does not fit.

If you wander the vastness of the Internet, you can find a huge number of videos where people tell and show how they managed to get hold of big winnings. Despite the fact that everyone has their own strategy, but they are all united in the fact that it is necessary to make two bets at once (this is allowed by the rules of the game). In this case, the first is closed with a small multiplier, but at the same time it must overlap the amount of the second bet. And then you can wait at your own risk to increase the multiplier. If the player does not have time to withdraw the money, then still he will not remain in the minus.

Many online casino customers are familiar with the Martingale strategy. If you follow this strategy, then if a player loses a round, he must increase the bet. And so after each loss. The amount of the bet should be such that in the case of luck, the size of the winnings could cover the funds that were lost in this series. And after winning, you need to start again with the original amount.

In addition, there are players who do not wait for high odds, and interrupt the round at low multipliers. It may seem uninteresting to overly risky players to win with a multiplier of 1.5-1.7, but everyone has his own strategy. All the more so because finishing a round at low multipliers gives you a better chance of winning than when playing with high multipliers.

Particularly active players have noticed that there are streaks with low multipliers in Aviator. If this is anticipated, you can skip two or three rounds. And then if there is a desire to win big, it is necessary to bet large sums, but it is important to stop in time.

How to win?

Some users prefer to stop games at low multipliers to avoid losing. Maybe winning with a multiplier of 1.5 is not as entertaining as with higher values, but the chances of winning increase many times.

Players also apply in practice the Martingale strategy, according to which after each failure (lost round) should increase the rate. Betting should be so much that if you are lucky enough to win, the amount won could cover all the losses in the current series. And when the player wins, then it is necessary to go to the initial bet. We have already mentioned this above.

Download The Aviator

For more convenient access to the game “Aviator” from mobile devices, 1WIN casino offers to install a branded application. It is suitable for phones that run on the basis of modern operating systems Android and iOS. After downloading the application 1WIN, the user will be able to run the game not only sitting at the computer, but also in any other place where the Internet catches. In addition, in terms of functionality, the application fully corresponds to the official casino site 1WIN.

The application is available for free download on the official website of the betting company 1WIN. However, when installing on Android or iPhone, you need to take into account some nuances that are slightly different.

Download on Android

The download procedure itself is carried out from the official website of the bookmaker 1WIN. But since the programme is not allowed to be distributed through the Play Store, you must first open the settings of your phone and allow downloading the application from other sites. Then, having entered the 1WIN website, you should go to the application page. The system will independently recognise what software is used in the phone and will offer the appropriate download file. The user only needs to download and install the 1WIN application.

Download on iPhone

In this case, there is no provision for changing settings and setting permission to download files from third-party sites. In this case, you should immediately open the 1WIN application page on the official website and download the required variant.

Regardless of which device you need to install the application on, the process itself does not cause any difficulties and takes little time.


The game “Aviator Spribe” is available only for users registered on the official website. If you do not have a valid account, you need to register.

There are four ways to go about this procedure:

  • One-click – the system creates login and password by itself;
  • By E-mail – this option provides for filling in the form and creating a password yourself;
  • By phone – you should specify the number attached to your SIM card;
  • Via social networks – designed for users who have a profile in FB, Telegram, Google+ and other social networks.

When registering for an account at 1win (regardless of which method you use), you will still need to select a currency, specify a promotional code (optional) and then click the “Register” button. After that, you can deposit, place bets and start playing.

Promo code

On the virtual registration form of any of the available methods there is an active line “Add promo code”. If you click on it, it will open another box in which you need to enter a promo code. This will allow you to get bonuses, which can then be spent on bets or casino games.

You can also use the available promo codes in your personal account.

Demo version of the game – you can play Aviator for free

Demo-version provides an opportunity to play without replenishing the game account. Bets are made with the help of virtual currency. But in this case, if the player is lucky, then the real winnings should not be counted on.

Demo mode is relevant not only for newcomers to online casinos who want to get acquainted with the rules of the game, but also for experienced customers who prefer to test a new slot or develop their own strategy.

The demo mode is not available for Aviator Spribe. The game is possible only for real money. Therefore, if there is a desire to run the machine, first you need to register on the official website of the bookmaker 1WIN.

The whole truth. Divorce or no divorce?

There are so many players, so many opinions. Those who failed to withdraw their winnings will surely remain dissatisfied and may publish negative comments. The trick of the machine is that it is located not on the bookmaker’s resource, but on the server of the supplier. And this is a guarantee that none of the employees of the betting company can affect the outcome of the rounds.

If you go to YouTube and search for clips concerning “Aviator Spribe”, you will find a huge number of videos where many players show how they won solid money at Aviator. In addition, the Aviator section of the 1win website also contains the results of the latest games. If you expand the results box, you can see the outcomes of 20-30 recently completed games. In addition, visitors can follow the results of their bets. And not only those that have made themselves, but also those that have made other participants of the game.

So, whether it is a scam or not – everyone can judge for themselves. But you can definitely win here!

Secrets of the game

Many players, when they start a machine, hope that they will get lucky and win an impressive amount of money. And some users do not want to just rely on luck, so they develop their own strategies. Most players who are not the first time playing “Aviator”, recommend making two bets at once (this is possible here). The first one should be closed at a low odds, but you should bet so much that the first bet was able to cover the second. And then you can stay in the game longer, waiting for a higher multiplier. Even if you can not win, the player in any case will not lose anything.

In this game you can still apply the strategy of Martingale, which is as follows – the player must after each lost round, increase the size of the bet. In this case, you must bet so much that if the player wins, the amount won should cover all the money lost in this series. And after a successful round, in which it was possible to win, you need to return to the initial size of the bet.

It should also be said that there are strips with low multipliers. This is noticed by experienced players, who since the emergence of the game “Aviator”, carefully study it. If you notice that there are such strips, it is worth skipping a couple or three rounds. And then you can make high bets.

Particularly careful and not too gambling players prefer to stop the game at low odds. Of course, with such a strategy, you will not be able to break a big score, but the probability of losing is minimised.


If you visit the relevant thematic sites, you can find a lot of good words directed to the game “Aviator”. From this we can conclude that the game is liked by many players of 1WIN casino. As soon as it appeared in the online casino, immediately interested many players. First of all, this is due to a completely new format.

Visitors to the casino like the simplicity of the Aviator gameplay. Even someone who visited an online casino for the first time will easily understand what to do. Also players note the good chances of winning and the high percentage of return of the machine.

Other advantages:

  • Fascinating gameplay;
  • Honesty of the results, which is ensured through the use of GSC;
  • Ability to make 2 bets simultaneously, which increases the probability of winning;
  • A wide range of multipliers;
  • The game is located on the server of the manufacturer, so there is no interference in the game employees of the office;
  • Statistics of results, which helps in strategy development.

Without dissatisfied customers did not do without. Naturally, the game does not fulfil the hopes of all visitors. And those who do not manage to win leave negative comments. But in general, people like Aviator.

How to hack the game?

In the basis of creation of the game “Aviator”, as well as all other machines of the developer “Spribe”, is a reliable technology “Provably Fair”. Realisation of this technology in the creation of “Aviator” guarantees 100% fairness of the game process and the outcome of rounds, and also excludes the possibility of interference in the game of third parties. The player has the opportunity to check every result and make sure of its accuracy.

How do you calculate the game?

It is practically established that there are streaks of low multipliers in the game (when the plane flies away almost at the start of the round). If they occur, you should skip a couple or three rounds. And then increases the probability of breaking a solid winnings and you can try to put a large amount.

Summing up, it should be noted that the “Aviator” – unfamiliar, but exciting game, which is definitely to the liking of many users online casino 1WIN. So register on the official website of the bookmaker 1win, and try your luck.

Sites with Aviator game

If you haven’t played Aviator yet, haven’t followed the flight of an aeroplane and haven’t experienced completely new emotions, we suggest you get acquainted with this game. We are sure you will like it!

“Aviator Spribe” can be found on several playgrounds:

  • 1win;
  • 1xbet;
  • Mostbet;
  • Loot.Bet.

Remember that only registered customers can play Aviator. Therefore, if you do not have an account on one of the sites of the listed establishments, then initially you need to register. And you can launch the aircraft. Good luck!